published games

Coaster Combat
2017, Oculus Gear VR, 2018, Oculus GO

Coaster Combat is a relatively comfortable virtual reality roller coaster game that lets the player shoot at targets while riding along the track. I worked on core mechanics prototypes, level design, GUI & UX design for the original launch title as well as the Himalaya update.

Pet Lab
2018, Oculus GO

I helped develop the game's vision during the concepting phase through brainstorming and early prototypes. I was also part of the pre-production phase during which I worked on prototypes for the core mechancis and basic 3DOF interactions in virtual reality.

2017, Oculus Gear VR

I worked on early core mechanics prototypes of the project that eventually evolved into the virtual reality game Term1nal.

2017, Oculus Rift

This is the first big virtual reality game I worked on. I was involved in the early prototyping phase during which we created a 2v2 multiplayer demo that led to Oculus green lighting the project. During this project I took on the role of primary/lead designer and was responsible for coordinating the design team which at its peak consisted of 7 designers. The final game supported single player, 2p coop, 1v1 and 2v2 game modes.

Halo Spartan Strike
2015, Windows 8, iOS, Steam

This is the spiritual successor of Halo Spartan Assault. I worked on the overall design of the game as well as the core game mechanics. I designed the AI and scripted the AI using the scripting tool that comes with Vanguard Games' in-house engine. In addition to that I worked on the narrative design and the level design, bringing the core mechanics into the levels and creating a consistent player experience.
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Halo Spartan Assault
2013, 2014, Windows 8 & Xbox360 & XboxOne & Steam

After finishing Gatling Gears I was part of a team that created a demo / prototype that can be described as "free roaming Gatling Gears". This demo caught the attention of 343i and Microsoft and the "Bootcamp" (the working title for Halo Spartan Assault) project was born. The game is basically a top-view twin-stick shooter for touch devices. For this game I worked on the core mechanics, bringig the Halo FPS experience to the tablet and phone. After that I worked on the overall design, core game mechanics, AI design and scripting and level design. I also worked on the coop game mode for the XBox360 and XBox One versions.
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Gatling Gears
2011, Xbox360 & PS3 & PC, 2011

I worked on the core game mechanics of this twin-stick shooter, creating playable prototypes in Unity3d to quickly iterate on the movement, weapons, camera and controls. I did a large part of the level design as well as the narrative design behind the levels. Also I helped out with the AI design and balancing the game's progression curve. Additionally I worked on the coop survival mode.
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Greed Corp
2010, Xbox360 & PS3 & PC

This game is my baby, I came up with the high concept for this game and was part of the small team that finalized the concept. Greed Corp is a turn-based strategy game that combines classic strategy elements with new and unique mechanics. After that I was the driving force behind the prototyping and finalizing of the game's core mechanics during the pre-production phase.
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My Horse & Me
2007, Wii & PC

This is the first game that I worked on as a game designer. Clearly I was not part of the target audience for this game, but I found that to be a very interesting design challenge during which I learned a lot about user testing and game design in general. This is a game about the equestrian sport meant to be played by young girls who like horses. I joined the project when it was about 1 year in the making. I worked on the overall design, core mechanics & controls and level design.
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2003, PS2 & PC
A quirky game that in my opinion was released to soon. I worked on prototyping the core mechanics which consist of doing jumps and stunts with a beach buggy. Next to that I also worked on the level design.
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London Racer World Challenge
2003, PS2 & PC
For this game I created mostly race tracks.

Knight Rider
2002, PS2 & PC
Officially I was not part of the Knight Rider team but I did do some prototype work on the core mechanics of the game.

US Racer
2001, PS2 & PC
For this game I created 3d models and textures and I also designed race tracks. As a technical artist I worked closely with programmers to create art solutions.

Europe Racer
2001, PC
As part of a small management team I was responsible for the creation of 3d art, working with both in-house artists and an external outsourcing company.

A2 Racer 4 Cops Revenge
2001, PC
My main role on this project was technical artist, for that I worked closely with programmers for example on the car damage system. Additionally I created 3d models for in-game use including cars, characters and props.

Vakantie Racer
2000, PC
My first published title, I created 3d models for all areas of the game: cars, props, landmarks, HUD etc.