about me

    name: Kent Kuné
    origin: February 13 1978, Groningen, the Netherlands
    class: game designer
    location:Castricum, the Netherlands

a brief history
In 1997 I started studying Applied Physics at the university of Twente but I dropped out during my second year. For a short while I took on any job I could find until I decided to turn my hobby into my job. In december 1999 I got my first job as a game developer and I have been working in the games industry ever since.

applied physics at the university of Twente (uncompleted), 1997 1999
vwo at Maartens College Haren, 1990 - 1997

my wife and 2 kids, video games, kitesurfing, teaching, music, science

Curriculum Vitae (pdf, web version)